Zespół Szkół nr 19

we Wrocławiu


General Upper Secondary School No. 11






About school


The school is run in accordance of the principles stated in the National Core Curriculum for General Upper Secondary Education. 

The task is to provide extensive all-round learning and to offer sufficient skills and knowledge with a view to further study. 

The school is co-educational with a three years' education cycle.

 We are based in Wroclaw, the picturesque city of cultural and historical interest, in the south-west of Poland.



Upper Secondary School of General Education No.11

ZS nr 19 we Wrocławiu 

ul. Spółdzielcza 2a

+48 71 798-68-94

International Contacts: info.lo11@wp.pl


School Principal:  Ms Magdalena Wesołowska-Rańda

Deputy Principal: Ms Dorota Kozakowska, Ms Urszula Pacura



Diplomas obtainable:
1. Upper Secondary School Graduation Certificate

2. Matriculation Examination MATURA (State Examination Certificate)





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